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Aritar, situated an altitude of 4600 ft. above the sea level is an offbeat destination which attracts numerous travellers around the globe. It's a hidden paradise situated in Rehnock sub-division of East Sikkim. The newly discovered place has something tremendous to offer to travel enthusiasts. The amazing view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, the surroundings of the high mountains of the great Himalayan range and the most amazing the Aritar Lake will definitely keep chasing your mind for another trip even after having a visit. The landscape which looks really splendid has already gained popularity among the tourist community across the world. Aritar is one of the most important places on the historic Old Silk Route.

Blessed with ample of natural beauty, the most breathtaking sight of Mt Kanchenjunga, and trekking routes through deciduous forest leading towards some pictorial destination Aritar has become one of the favoured tourist destinations of Sikkim.

Sightseeing Places in and around Aritar

Let's look upon the places where you can find out the ultimate voyage worthy while having a tour in and around the village.

  • Aritar Lake: Aritar Lake or also known as the Lampokhari Lake is one of the highest lakes in Sikkim with boating facility. Situated at the height of 4915 ft. tourist can enjoy the beauty of the lake either having a sightseeing or by boating on it.
  • Aritar Gumpa: The word Gumpa means Monastery. Aritar Gumpa is considered as one of the oldest and holiest monasteries in Sikkim. A divine feeling will be greeting as you just step in it. The rhythmic sound of the prayers chanted by the monks gives a spiritual feeling. The monastery will enthral the tourists with its carved and paintings.
  • Aritar Bungalow: As Aritar has a blend of heritage and history together it won't disappoint tourists on this segment. Aritar Bungalow or popularly known as Dak Bungalow is an old building constructed by Sir James Claude White in the year of 1895. It was the first treasury and the Police outpost in Sikkim.
  • Mankhim Top: This is basically a temple of the Rai section of Hindu community. Standing at the height of 6500 ft. Mankhim top is well appreciated by the tourists for its flabbergasted lush green landscape. The view of Mt. Kanchenjunga from Mankhim top is amazing.
  • Ganesh Temple: The temple of lord Ganesha which is situated in the nearest town Rehnock is way must visit for the devotees. It is well maintained and the structure is so wonderful that one has to admire the built.

Things to Do in and around The Village

How about having a bonfire on a freezing cold night beside the rich forest of the Himalayan range along with your beloved associates? Yes, camping is quite common in Aritar among the travellers. The iconic temperate forest range which consists of oak, maple, chestnut and various reforested plants gives a generous opportunity for camping where one may get barb-e-Que on a request to the homestays or related persons. Green lush valleys and the Himalayan mountain range with the rich forests has created the perfect environment for the trekkers and hikers. It's quite usual for the serious trekkers to take a part on this activity in Aritar.

Best time to visit this Village

To relish the insanely beautiful Aritar one need to visit in summer as the weather remains quite pleasant. The climate is on the peak of its breeze and a heavenly feeling occurs. But one need to keep in mind that monsoon is not a good option for any sort of trip in Aritar. Landslides are common in monsoon which leads to the road blockage. Winter as well, chilling waves of wind being floated which gives teeth contact. But those who want to feel the ultimate natural phenomena may visit in the winters.

How to reach Aritar

Reaching Aritar is quite simple as the transportation is easy. The nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and Bagdogra Airport is the option for flights. Hiring cabs from both the station or the airport is available which can go directly and it is around only 105 k.m. and would take a bit more than 3 hours. If one wants a shared taxi it is available from Rangpo check-post. The way leads towards the Rongli sub-division and from there it is only around 14 k.m. approximately.

Accommodation Facility in Aritar

The best way to accommodate yourself in a place like this is in a well-served home stay. Home stays are pretty common out there. You may find few more home-stays near Lampokhri lake. The home stays are quite comfortable and hygienic. The home stays in Mankhim top offers a tremendous view of Mt. Kanchenjunga for which it has been the most favoured place among the travellers.

In short Aritar is a picturesque of the heavenly landscapes. The fascination of a traveller which they get through exploration, lies in the nature and every voyager are starving to acquire such power. Aritar, the place where all of the components of nature are present is a holy grail for a true wanderer.