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Phadamchen is an amusing hamlet situated at the height of 7000 ft. above sea level. Surrounded by the green forest, Phadamchen is about 14 k.m. away from Rongli and only 8 k.m from Zuluk. Most of the travellers visit Phadamchen to experience the ultimate beauty of nature as one may explain about how it feels when the chilling cold wind blows off the body and touches the soul with its incomparable views and mesmerizing landscape. Phadamchen has to offer some of the most beautiful views of the valleys and the Himalayan mountain range along with the rich forest consisting of oaks, maples and many other valuable plants.

One of the most important attractions of Phadamchen is the sights of birds. Bird enthusiast may find the place as their paradise for exploration. Birds from different breeds can be seen here for which it has become very active unofficial bird park. People from various places gather here not only for the heavenly views of the high mountain passes but for the views of the previously unseen species like Asiatic Black Bears, Takin etc.

Tourist Places to visit in Phadamchen

Phadamchen is surrounded by rich Himalayan forest which is under Pangalokha Wild Life Sanctuary and has a diversity of flora & fauna and mammals. The dense forest has become an inland for the huge population of birds. Birds like Kalij Pheasant, Oriental Honey Buzzard, White Crusted Laughing thrush and the very famous Blood Pheasant and the list won't end even on a single paper. Naturally, the place has become very popular among the fanatical bird enthusiasts and the photography community.

Apart from the birds the forest range in deep has something more to offer. Typical mammals can be found here in the dense of the forest like Asiatic Black Bear, Red Fox, Clouded Leopard and Red Panda which bewitched tourists across the world.

Things to do in and around the Village

While accommodating in Phadamchen one may visit the Thambi viewpoint which is located at the height of 11,200 ft. altitude and only 18 k.m. away to get the marvellous view of Mt. Kanchendzonga and the sunrise which scatters its gold moulted rays on the top of the mountain. A few kilometres drive from Phadamchen will lead towards the beautiful Kuikhola waterfalls and spending a bit of time there will be fascinating.

Drive for another 30 k.m. towards the Kupup Lake and Kalpokhri Lake. The shape of the Kupup lake is like an elephant so it is also known as Hati lake where the world's highest golf course is located. Those who want to explore further can have the astonishing ken of the amazing Tsomgo Lake or Changu lake.

Trekking is an option for adventure lovers. A short trek through the dense forest of Phadamchen is very exciting and by this way, one can discover the trails of the historic original Silk Route through which traders use to trade between the neighbouring countries for thousands of years.

Best time to visit Phadamchen

The weather in Phadamchen remains quite pleasant throughout the year. It is not that chilling like the upper regions of the Silk Route. It receives a lot of sunshine too which keeps the place quite warmer than the other. But in deep winter like January to March the weather becomes chilling with the blowing northern wind. Phadamchen doesn't experience snowfall but still in those winter months climate remains quite cold.

In summer it's very calm and quiet, pleasant weather attracts tourists on summer time for the unbelievable view along with soul soaring weather. Heavy rainfall can be seen in Phadamchen during monsoon as it has quite a big range of forestation. To visit Phadamchen one need to avoid monsoon season as the roads sometimes remain close due the natural calamities.

How to Reach Phadamchen Village

There are no direct trains or flights to Phadamchen. Hiring a cab from the nearest railway station NJP (New Jalpaiguri) Siliguri or from the airport (Bagdogra Airport) will be a good option and it will take around 4 hours for 97 k.m. If anyone wants to go in a shared cab one need to go towards Rangpo which is the check post of Sikkim and from there can hire a cab towards Phadamchen. Now to reach Phadamchen one has to make the passes from the authority. Without the proper pass, one cannot enter in Phadamchen. The passes are available in Rongli check-post where one need to submit some required documentation of identity proofs along with passport-sized photos to collect the pass.

Where to stay in the Village

In Padamchen, there are few amazing homestays and village resorts having the basic facilities like attached washrooms, room heaters, comfortable beds and all the other components to provide a warm environment to a traveller. The most amazing thing of these homestays are all of them possesses a fantastic situation from where the ken of the majestic landscape of the Eastern Himalayan foothill looks wondrous. People are pretty much helpful and humble as well. The environment will give you a familiar atmosphere.

The green lush valleys in summer, the ice patched roads and the snow-clad mountains in winter, the monstrous high mountain passes and the overwhelming outlook of Mt. Kanchendzonga has enriched Phadamchen. With rich natural components, it has a staggered view of all of those which makes any wanderer float in the air.

Phadamchen, a place which has generated a lot of curiosity among the avid tourist community is something which cannot be missed at least for a true wayfarer.