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Pedong, located at the eastern part of Kalimpong and just 22 k.m. away is one of the most favored place among the tourist. Blended with some history Pedong offers an amazing environment for a blissful trip. Pedong has an amazing quality of magnetism at the serenity at its best way to deliver a fascinating experience to any ardent traveller who seeks for an ultimate voyage towards the Himalayan foothills.
Pedong the oldest town in the Silk Route circuit has so many things to offer. Let's have an overview of the places to see in and near Pedong.

What to see in and around Pedong

As it is a small hamlet on the foothills of the Himalayas, Pedong is naturally surrounded by the enormous amount of natural wonders like the snow-capped mountain ranges, amazing valleys, rivers, colonial structures and lot more.

  • Damsang Fort: The historical essence has been amalgamated with this fort. The fort situated at just half an hour drive from Pedong. The ruins of the fort are now an attraction for the tourists. The famous fair known as "Chaitey Mela" take place surrounding the fort in the month of April on Ram Navami.
  • Rikisum ViewPoint: Rikisum View Point is the attraction for travellers as the place possesses the view of half burnt Old British Bungalow constructed in the year of 1902. The stunning range of view to the great snow-capped peak of Mt. Kanchendzonga from Rikisum is something which pleases one's mind.
  • Tinchluey View-Point: The highest point of this particular region Tinchuley View-Point has such exciting things to offer. This place offers an excellent view of the three most popular hill stations such as Gangtok, Darjeeling and Kalimpong.
  • Pedong Monastery: Pdeong Monastery or Sangchen Dorjee Monastery was made in the year 1706. Inside the monastery, there are showcases of numerous paintings which depict the characteristics of the ancient flows of Buddhism and the early lifestyles of the community.
  • Cross Hill: Fused with some sorrow the Cross Hill is situated very near to Pedong and one can take a walk to the place. The place has a splendid atmosphere for the calmness in the environment and the amazing clearer view of Mt. Kanchendzonga.
  • Sillery Gaon: Located at the height of 6000 ft. on the slope of the mountains and almost 8 k.m. from Pedong, Sillery Gaon is small tranquil hamlet. Stunning views of the valleys and the mountains are just wordless descriptions.

How to reach Pedong

The nearest railway station and the airport are New Jalpaiguri Railway station in Siliguri and Bagdogra Airport respectively. Hiring a cab from the tour planner will be easy which would lead directly to Pedong. Getting a shared taxi is also quite uncomplicated. The way via Kalimpong is the main path which takes around 3 hours from NJP railway station. From Kalimpong, it is around 22 kilometers and can be reach within less than an hour to Pedong.

Where to stay in the Village

As it is a remote region the best possible way to accommodate one is the home stays which are pretty clean and hygienic. One can avail the basic facilities like electricity, cozy beddings, western bathrooms and all the other necessary things to be needed. Most significantly the humbleness of the people will bestow the homely environment and a snug of intimacy. Foods are being served according to the preferences. Both veg and non-veg meals are available.

Having a great memory in the mind regarding a tour is a pious asset. Having experience on the lap of the great Himalayan foothills is amazing. Pedong has the quality to offer such great wisdom which attracts more and more avid travellers across the country.