New Baba Mandir Sikkim

New Baba Mandir Sikkim


New Harbhajan Singh Temple




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Just 55 km away from Gangtok, New Baba Mandir is a newly constructed shrine of Baba Harbhajan Singh, a great Indian soldier, completed in the year of 11th November 1982. Situated at the junction of Kupup Nathang road and the trail leading to Menmecho Lake, New Baba Mandir is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Sikkim.

Situated at an altitude of 13,123 feet above the sea level, this temple was built for the tourists those who can't make to the Old Baba Mandir due to the hardship of climbing several steps in high elevation. It is worth mentioning that the Old Baba Mandir is located further upwards near Nathang Valley.

Interesting Facts about New Baba Mandir

Countless devotees visit New Baba Mandir every year. There are three rooms in the temple. In the central room, one can see a large portrait of Harbhajan Singh along with the portraits of Sikh Gurus and Hindu deity. There is a personal room of Harbhajan Singh at the right side of this central room where one can witness all the essential household belongings like clothes, slippers, shoes to a clean sleeping camp bed, orderly ironed uniform, etc. There is also a small room where unused slippers, toothbrushes and several other items can be seen.

It is believed that Baba Harbhajan Singh still does his duty and guards the border between India and China. Moreover, there is a strong faith that the temple fulfils all the wishes of its visitors thus becoming a major pilgrimage centre in Sikkim.

Places to Visit near New Baba Harbajan Singh Temple

Fall under the iconic Silk Route region, there are lots of places can be explored near this temple. Some of them are Kupup Lake, Gnathang, Nathang Valley, Nathula, etc. Moreover, the capital of Sikkim, Gangtok is also quite nearby.

How to Reach New Baba Mandir?

Being a protected area, New and the Old Baba Mandir need a protected area permit. One can opt for any of these below-mentioned transportation option to reach this Temple.

  • By Road: One can reach the destination via Siliguri after covering a road distance of 170 km within 6 hours.
  • By Air: Bagdogra is the closest airport which is nicely connected with major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai.
  • By Train: New Jalpaiguri Junction aka NJP is the closest railway station at a distance of 175 km. One can easily board a train from any cities towards NJP.

Best time to Visit this Temple

April to May is considered to be the best time to visit New Baba Mandir in Sikkim as one can witness a beautiful vista of the blooming Rhododendrons & Orchids along the way to this temple. During these months, the temperature stays around 15-degree Celsius to -19 degree Celsius.