Lampokhari Lake

Lampokhari Lake - Aritar Lake in Sikkim




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At an elevation of 4600 feet above sea level, Lampokhari is a bot-shaped lake. One of the oldest lakes in Sikkim measuring 1120 feet long and 240 feet wide, is also known as Aritar Lake. It is surrounded by lush green pine forests, adding to its beauty. The main attraction of this natural lake is its boating facilities, as well as a road that has been built around it to allow people to view it from various perspectives. The pine forest that surrounds the lake adds to its allure and draws visitors in. On the lake's edge, there's also a modest shrine dedicated to Guru Padmasambhava.

Sightseeing Attractions in and around this Lake

Lampokhari's emerald water and the surrounding attractions make it truly worth visiting. A small forest route connects the lake to Mankhim, a nearby mountain peak. Despite the fact that Mt. Kanchenjunga is not visible from Lampokhri or its neighboring town of Aritar, Lampokhri retains its allure as an emerald green lake surrounded by an unspoiled pine forest. The wooded route connecting Mankhim and Lampokhri Lake is a famous bird-watching destination. This two-kilometer hike with overlooks is an excellent way to reconnect with nature. On the banks of Lampokhri Lake, there is a modest temple dedicated to Guru Padmasambhava. Boating can also be done in this lake. Aritar Bungalow, Mankhim Top, Ganesh Temple, etc are the major sightseeing attractions nearby.

How to Reach Lampokhari Lake in Sikkim

By Train: Lampokhari Lake's major nearby railway station is New Jalpaiguri Junction (NJP) which is well connected with major nearby cities. So, get a train to NJP first. Once you reach NJP, get a car to Lampokhari Lake.

By Flight: The Bagdogra International Airport is the only operational airport nearby. The approximate distance between the lake and the airport is around 116 km via NH 10. From outside this airport, a rented car can be hired quite easily.

By Road: From all the nearby cities, a car can be hired to reach this Lake quite comfortably. From Siliguri, you can rent a car from a trusted car rental agency like Himalayan Wheels. The approximate distance between Siliguri and Aritar Lake is around 105 km.

Best Time to Visit Lampokhari Lake

March to May is considered to be the best time to visit Lampokhari Lake. During these months, the weather will remain mostly cool and pleasant. As a result, exploring the lake and its surrounding attractions become quite memorable and easy. However, it is important to remember that visiting the lake during the monsoon season is not recommended. During the monsoon, landslides are widespread, resulting in road closures.