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Kala Patthar, a new tourist site further south of Chopta in Muguthang Valley, is located at an elevation of 14,850 feet. Except for a few Tibetan nomad communities for grazing their Yaks, Kala Patthar is typically inhospitable. At an elevation of more than 14000 feet above sea level, the motorable road comes to an end at Kala Pathar. Considered to be a "no man's land", Kala Patthar stays covered with snow throughout the year. It offers quite a tranquil experience and stays less crowded most of the time. This tourist site, made of black mountain rock, is covered entirely with snow and because of its name Kala Patthar where Kala means 'black" and Patthar means "rock".

Attractions in and around Kala Patthar

Kala Patthar has nothing to offer apart from the beautiful snow-covered surroundings, the magnificent view of the Himalayan peaks, and the complete serenity a nature lover usually craves for. The area is always completely covered with snow, and the temperature is extremely chilly. It is located above the valleys of Thangu and Chopta. Black and white is the only colors you'll see. The entire region is blanketed in white snow, with some black rocks thrown in for good measure. The Indian army has restricted access to this area, and visitors are only permitted to proceed until a particular point. They must obtain a permit to visit this splendid tourist attraction. The road service to this area is poor, but the location is attractive, and it is well worth a visit.

Things to Do in Kala Patthar in Sikkim

While visiting Kala Patthar, there are lots of activities you can do. The most popular ones are as mentioned below-

  • Enjoy the view of the surroundings entirely covered with snow.
  • Visit the serene Gurudongmar Lake which is known for its immense natural beauty.
  • Relish the breathtaking view of the snow covered Himalayan Peaks if the weather is clear.
  • Enjoy a cup of hot tea or Coffee to feel refreshing.

Best Time to Visit Kala Patthar in Sikkim

Kala Patthar in Sikkim is best visited in the season of summer. During the months of April to June, you will not face extreme cold as the weather will be somewhat pleasant. You can also visit Kala Patthar from October to March when winter strikes Sikkim. The extreme cold engulfs Kala Patthar during these months as a result, wearing warm clothes such as Jackets, gloves, mufllers, etc are recommended.