Jhusing in Silk Route Sikkim




4,000 Ft.


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An offbeat destination situated at an elevation of 5400 feet above sea level, Jhusing is undoubtedly a place everyone should visit at least once. This village is one of the less-trodden offbeat destinations on the Silk Route Tour, with a spectacular panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjungha, unique kinds of birds, and just one homestay to host the travelers visiting this destination. Jhusing is a haven for the true peace-seekers, completely free from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Jhusing can be visited at complete ease with the help of Zuluk Tour's well-planned packages that include pick-up, drop, sightseeing, car, accommodation, and more. To plan a pocket-friendly tour itinerary, contact us now.

Sightseeing Attractions around Jhusing

Jhusing, being an offbeat village in the remote corner of the Kalimpong hills, does not have a motorable road. Travelers have to climb one kilometer from the nearest motorable road to reach this village. Villagers are on hand to help guests with their luggage and direct them to the homestay in this village. The jaw-dropping view of the Neaora Valley Forest and Mt. Kanchenjungha looks quite magnificent from this settlement. Tourists can also visit the neighboring Servang Waterfalls by taking a leisurely stroll.

The village also acts as a starting point for many trekking routes such as Mulkarkha Lake Trek and Neora Valley Trek. If you are one of the adventure enthusiasts, try the seven kilometers long Mulkarkha Lake Trek from Jhusing through Tagathang village. Once you reach Mulkharka Lake by trekking, you will be greeted by the the the lake's emerald waterbody where the snow-clad Kanchanjunga will be in the backdrop.

Activities to Do in Jhusing Silk Route

Even though an offbeat destination, you can do a plethora of activities in and around Jhusing. The major ones are as follows-

  • Enjoy village walking through the narrow roads the village has to offer.
  • Relish the beauty of the surrounding lush greenery, splendid hills, and blooming flowers.
  • Trek through the hilly terrain and the verdant forest to finally reach Mulkarkha Lake.
  • Spot a plethora of colorful Himalayan birds and butterflies with the help of your naked eyes or binoculars.
  • Enjoy the sunrise and the sunset over the snow-covered Mount Kanchenjunga.

Homestays in Jhusing

The only mode of accommodation available here in this village is homestay. The only homestay in the village offers most of the basic amenities for the guests for their comfortable night's stay. The two rooms out of four have attached western bathrooms. Other facilities are all same for every room such as hot water, cozy beds, homemade food made from fresh locally grown vegetables. For a complete tour package and the availability of rooms, contact us now.

Best Time to Visit Jhusing in Silk Route Sikkim

Jhusing-village can be visited at any time of the year due to its immense beauty. From the homestay of the village, you will get to see a magnificent sunrise over Mt. Kanchenjunga's snowy summits no matter at which time you visit the village. During the summer months, the temperature stays quite comfortable. Furthermore, the blooming flowers will bewitch you for sure.