Jelep La Pass

Jelep La Pass in Silk Route Sikkim




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At an elevation of 13,999 feet above sea level, Jelep La is one of the highest mountain passes in India. Fall between India and Tibet in the Eastern part of Sikkim, "Jelep La" is a Tibetan word that means "the level pass". It is aptly called so because it is the easiest and most level of all the passes between Tibet and Sikkim. Jelep La with its splendid view of the Himalayan range and the intense serenity of nature has already captivated the minds of many travelers.

Jeep La Pass has been an important commercial route for India and Tibet from ancient times, with a healthy trade relationship between the two countries. Around 1884, when the British took control of India, they built highways in Sikkim. A small Tibetan armed force occupied the area around the pass in 1886. The British were attacked by the troops in May 1888 but were repelled. However, in September of that year, the British retook control of the territory around the pass.

Sightseeing Attractions in and around Jelep La Pass

There is lots of sightseeing Sightseeing Attractions in and around Jelep La Pass. Below the Jelep La Pass, the magnificent Menmecho Lake is located. When traveling from New Baba Mandir to Kupup Lake on the GN Road, shortly after crossing Menmecho Lake, one can enjoy the breathtaking view of the pass. At the Jelep La Pass, there are a few military outposts. The entire trail from Jelep La Pass to Kupup Lake may be seen. Jelep La has two paths on the Indian side. The first one pass through Kalimpong and the second one pass through Gangtok. The Kalimpong road is the older one, and it travels through the beautiful towns of Pedong, Rhenok, and Kupup in northern West Bengal.

The Kalimpong route, which was utilized for selling furs and wool until the early twentieth century, has played an important part in the improvement of local economic conditions. However, during the Sino-Indian War in 1962, the route was closed completely. From Gangtok, the road passes through Sherathang, close to Changu Lake, alongside Nathu La, and into Kupup. The path is fairly spectacular, with rhododendron forests that are in full bloom in the spring. The sweeping surroundings are dotted with a handful of picturesque hamlets. On the Tibetan side, the path leads to the Tibetan Plateau's Chumbi Valley.

How to Reach Jelep La Pass

By Train: New Jalpaiguri Junction (NJP) is the nearest railway station to Jelep La pass. From here, a rented car can take you to Jelelpla Pass via Gangtok. (The distance from NJP to Jelep La Pass is around 177 km).

By Road: Once you reach Siliguri, Gangtok, or any other nearby cities, you can take a car ride to Jelep La Pass. (The approximate distance from Siliguri to Jelep La Pass is around 175 km).

By Flight: Bagdogra is its nearby major operational airport. Boards a flight to Bagdogra Airport and from here take a car to go to Gangtok. And once you reach Gangtok, take a car again to Jelep La Pass. (The approximate distance from Bagdogra airport to the Pass is around 181 km)

Best Time to Visit Jelep La Pass

The best time to visit Jelep La Pass is during the months of March to May because of the friendly weather. The sweeping view of the Himalayan Peaks will be always there due to the clear sky. You can also visit the Silk Route region during the months of October and December. However, keep in mind that, Jelep La Pass will remain closed.